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Meet the CEO

Maresa "Resee" Scott

Hey everyone! My name is Maresa Scott (everyone calls me Resee), and I’m the Founder & CEO of POW Financial Services! POW stands for Pearls of Wisdom which means morally sound, and insightful. This is exactly what my company represents. I am  looking forward to being a part of the change we wish to see within our local community.

When I started POW Financial Services, I knew that the mission was bigger than my family and I. There are so many low income families being taken advantage of, not to mention, there are hundreds of thousands of individuals who are afraid to talk about money.  

It wasn’t until I made mistakes of my own, was not able to get approved for a car without a cosigner, get a low interest rate credit card, or take out a personal loan for my business, that I decided I was not going to allow my ignorance of not knowing, keep me from not learning. From that moment on I took courses, listened to podcasts, obtained several certifications, and attended seminars to educate myself on credit, financing, investments, and money management. POW Financial Services' number one goal is to educate and empower the communities we serve. We seek to educate you by increasing your financial literacy about budgeting, money management, investing, and planning. The knowledge we provide will help you to educate your family, friends, and children. Our motto is ‘each one, teach one’. This is how we will break generational curses and begin to build generational wealth.

By supporting my team and I, you are not only helping put food on our table, but you are getting the maximum refund in your pocket and you are helping us pour our knowledge and money back into the communities we service! I hope you make the decision to be a part of the movement today. POW practice focuses primarily on Tax Preparation, Business Formation, Bookkeeping, and Life Insurance.


Meet the Dream Team:

A Cast of Characters with a Mission to Impress

Our Journey So Far


CEO Becomes Certified Tax Professional

Maresa knew she wanted to dig deeper into finances and give back to the community through education


Partnership Begins

Maresa expands her firm by engaging in Partnerships with TaxSlayerPro and various Life Insurance Agencies to offer comparable financial Services


POW In the Press

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